According to the 2019 Nielsen Audio Today report, radio is the best performing platform in the United States.  AM/FM radio has more reach than any other medium, connecting to 92% of Americans every week, more than any other Nielsen-measured platform.  Radio reaches more people every week than television, digital or mobile.

      A key element of radio’s success is that it is local.  Whether in a large metropolitan area supplied with 100,000 watts of electricity or in a rural district with 25,000 watts (or less), local radio provides residents with local news and emergency notifications in the event of weather, road closures and inclement weather.  does.  , and community news including local sports.

      In the event of a natural disaster, local radio quickly backs up and provides up-to-the-minute updates of broadcasts, which are easily accessible via hand cranks, battery-operated radios and portable radios.  Radio is the most reliable signal and means of communication in natural disasters, far better than cellular networks or landline networks.  Rich or poor, almost every American household has a radio.

      The radio accompanies you as a thoughtful companion, with music for your entertainment, news for your information and weather and motorway updates for your safety.  With your car radio, you can listen to practically any type of program on the go.

      Local radio provides community service information on school activities, concerts, plays, parades and other public events.  Public Affairs displays addresses and reports on topics that are important to your community.

      Ease of production enables radio to quickly broadcast the latest news.  And because this type of news is available indoors, outdoors, in cars and trucks, important news reaches more people faster than television.

      These radio facts are strong evidence that radio is valuable to listeners and advertisers.

      How many people listen to the radio?

      92 percent of Americans over the age of 18 listen to the radio every week.  The radio systematically provides services for all age groups.  Radio’s ability to easily reach certain demographics is a compelling reason for advertisers to use radio.

      Some facts about radio are as follows:-

      You have a captive audience with the radio.  In the car, with your morning coffee, when surfing the Internet, in the background when shopping, the radio is everywhere.

      It is the only streaming medium that brings you local news, weather, sports, chat and music while you do other things.  And most people do other things while listening.

      Radio has always been a “call to action” medium.  At any time of the day, 20% of Internet users also listen to the radio and are just a click away from clicking on your brand or finding your business online.

      Radio is emotional and personal.  It can change our mood, raise our blood pressure, relieve our pain and inspire our dreams.  The radio is like an old friend telling you everything will be alright.  When broadcasters talk about “Our friends at XYZ…”, the listener forms a personal bond with this company.