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Summit team update

Seven weeks to go!

There’s just seven weeks to go until CGMS 2017 and our Summit programme is taking shape.

This week we’re thrilled to announce speakers from YouTube and Viacom who will lead and inform the conversation when they join us in December.

Malik Ducard (Global Head of Families and Learning at YouTube) and Alex Okosi (Executive Vice-President and Managing Director at Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Africa and BET International) will each address delegates and share their insights and ideas.

Alice Webb, Chair of CGMS 2017, said: “We’re thrilled to add two such prestigious names to our Summit programme, as global brands like YouTube and MTV have a huge part to play in young people’s digital experience.

“Both Malik and Alex will offer invaluable insight to delegates as we launch the conversation about how to shape our industry in the next few years.”

 Generation U – always connected

Last week we announced that Tristia Harrison had joined the line-up. As CEO at TalkTalk, Tristia is perfectly placed to debate the issue of connectivity for today’s children, who are permanently ‘online’ and never truly disconnected.

Tristia said: “How we empower children across the UK from all backgrounds to make the most of the digital revolution, while also dealing with the risks, could be one of the defining legacies of a generation of business leaders, policy makers and parents.”

Children begin to explore the online world from an ever younger age. They are Generation U – the young people who access a digital world without limits, an unlimited resource with unlimited possibilities.

With so much content, and so many ideas and opinions out there, how can we prevent children becoming overwhelmed?

It’s up to industry leaders – the content producers, technology providers and policy makers – to futureproof the digital world for children, in order to support and empower them.

And that can’t be done by one organisation, or even one nation. It will require team effort and shared responsibility.

This is what we hope CGMS 2017 will go some way towards achieving – starting the conversation, building the necessary relationships and taking the first steps towards a new media future.