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Gaming pioneers working with Twitch, Minecraft and Lego to gather at Children’s Global Media Summit 2017, curated by the BBC

Leading figures in gaming from around the globe will come together in December to address delegates at the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017.

Speakers confirmed for the Summit include Mikkel Rasmussen, co-founder of ReD Associates who provide strategic consultancy for Lego, Vu Bui, COO at Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, and Chris Mead, Twitch’s Senior Director of Partnerships for EMEA.

Curated by the BBC and taking place in Manchester from 5-7 December, the Summit’s vision is to redesign the future of media for Generation U.

These are future generations for whom the digital world is without limits or end, an unlimited resource with unlimited possibilities for the unlimited generation.

The five themes of the Summit programme are education, empowerment, entertainment, innovation and freedom.

The subject of gaming will play a key role in the Summit programme, as speakers and delegates unpick what the future might hold for the industry, whether play without limits best serves the needs of young people and how technology can give children freedom.

Mikkel Rasmussen co-founded ReD Associates, a strategy consulting company based on the human sciences. Mikkel serves as the director of its European practice, working closely with the top management of Europe’s most forward-looking companies, including Lego.

His work as a specialist in innovation strategy for both the public and private sector has led to disruptive technologies and products in the markets for – among much else – toys, sports goods and healthcare.

Mikkel says: “I am very excited about participating in Children’s Global Media Summit in Manchester. The timing of the theme ‘unlimited’ couldn’t be better. We live in a time with an unlimited access to media and endless possibilities for play and creativity.

“Social media is no longer separated from play or toys. The way children interact with social media is perhaps the biggest social experiment the world has ever seen. The summit gives us a chance to press the pause button and discuss some fundamental issues around how we want this social experiment to turn out.”

Chris Mead is Twitch’s Senior Director of Partnerships for EMEA, where he works with broadcasting partners from individuals to developers, publishers and organisations. Chris’s expertise lies in digital advertising and eSports, having competed professionally in Call of Duty tournaments in 2008-2012.

Vu Bui is COO of Mojang, the Swedish games studio behind Minecraft. Vu is also a producer on the Minecraft movie and President of the Board of the Block by Block Foundation, which uses Minecraft to engage communities in developing public spaces, allowing locals to take control of their environment.