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As 2016 comes to a close and 2017 screeches into view, it has been really interesting to see all of the polls and predictions for the year ahead which seem to be in every newspaper and magazine going.

Apart from the rise of ‘Statue of Liberty green’ as this years statement colour, what has really jumped out is the amount of people discussing the major trends which have come to the fore in the digital world – fake news, VR and AR, the rise of digital platforms etc

It feels like these big areas of discussion which we have been having as we develop he program for CGMS has landed slap bang into the mainstream!

It seems that never has the need for this conversation to take place been more pertinent, and as we get less than a year away from the summit, it will be exciting to see how the big ideas and sessions we are planning evolve alongside this. Indeed we are fully expecting that some of the things we are discussing right now as being cutting edge will be yesterdays news come December 2017.

What will be the response to ‘fake news’, how will emerging technologies land in the mainstream, what will the emerging narratives around the world do to the way that we engage with and inspire young people?

Whatever the answers, it is certain that the coming 12 months will be a very interesting time for media across the globe, and that at last my green jumper will be on trend.