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As we approach the ‘year to go’ mark for CGMS17, things are starting to really gather pace around the content and speakers for the summit with some exciting and ambitious ideas starting to take shape.

It was really interesting to read the report OFCOM – the communications regulator in the UK – released yesterday on Children’s media use and attitudes. Full report can be found here (

It is a really good summary of many of the trends we are working to bring to life and explore at the summit.

In a nutshell, content is still king and TV remains the most consumed platform for young people, but there are undeniable shifts in the way that the both content and consumption change as young people move to secondary school and the boom in social media usage – only 21% of 10 year olds have a social media account compared to 43% of 11 year olds – as well as the type of content being watched shows that vividly.

We are going to post some more detail around the report soon, but one thing which jumped out from some of the fascinating data, is that a third of 12 – 15 year olds have seen ‘hate speech’ online in the last year. At a time when global political rhetoric seems to have taken on a far more venomous and divisive tone than in recent years, it raises a serious question about the role which mainstream media companies are going to need to play going forward in terms of accurate representation and education for young audiences around the news agenda and some of the global and societal shifts which are taking place.

This is certainly something we will be working on and bringing to the table in far more detail in Manchester next December.